About Ella Rite and this blog

Ella Rite is a pen name created when I was a teenager.  I’d learned that the word ‘elle’ is the French word for ‘she’.  Another plus is that the Spanish word ‘la’ indicates feminine form.   Rite means ‘conducting ceremonies’.

In my young mind, I created the name Ella Rite to mean ‘She conducts ceremonies’ which I interpreted as ‘She Rules’.

Over time, I appreciated that the word ‘rite’ is homophones with the words ‘right’ (as in: correct) and ‘write’ (as in: to make up and spell down for others to read).  The spelling indicates something nefarious and done in the dark.  I love a good play on words.

Ella Rite now means:  She writes; She is right; and She’s writing something scary in the dark.  (I’m twisted that way.)


1.  To document and share the trials and tribulations of becoming a published writer.

2.  Complete a personal goal.  Someone told me that if I can’t ‘wallpaper my bathroom’ with rejection slips, then I’m not writing enough.  Therefore, my goal is to write enough material so that I can either get published or wallpaper my bathroom.



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