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Published May 20, 2015 by ellarite

I plan to attend 3 conventions this year:  RavenCon 2015, World Horror Con 2015 and Scares That Care Weekend 2015.

My goals for con attendance are:

1.  Hone My Writing

2. Network

Of course, the unofficial goal is to ‘have fun’, but I never feel the need to document that particular plan.   Soooo, let’s begin.


A weekend celebrating the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

Location:  Midlothian, Virginia

 I’ve attended the following panels…

1. The Business End. The panel focused on the ‘business’ side of the writing career:  monetary advances, royalties and taxes.

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I enjoy attending these types of panel.  It sparks my fantasy of sitting in front of my accountant surrounding with piles of receipts while he screams in frustration…”You’re selling too many books”.  Hey, I’m allowed to dream!!!

Bottom line:  Everything dollar   you earn is taxable.  Ensure that you document ALL business transactions.


2.Plotting and Pacing a Short Story.

This panel discussed the basic need and structure of short stories.

Common error found in stories from aspiring writers:  Cramming short stories with useless background information, too many subplots and/or characters.

Bottom line:  The basis of a good short story has a unique (interesting) protagonist with one realistic goal and a motivated antagonist with an opposing goal.

shortest horror

3.  The Villain’s Journey. This panel discussed the importance of identifying the ‘real’ antagonist of the story.  It’s useful to have one BoogyMan as the overall bad guy and a dedicated group of local antagonists that work on the head guys orders.

I’m prior military so this idea made a lot of sense.  In essence, the Admiral is the BoogyMan.  The Captain, who is powerful in his own right, acts on direct orders issued from the Admiral.

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Ex:  In the Star Wars Trilogy (the original, yeah…I’m dating myself)…Darth Vadar acts as the main antagonist.  However, he is merely the Captain acting on orders from the real BoogyMan of the trilogy…The Emperor.

I enjoyed myself and plan to attend RavenCon 2016 in Williamsburg, Virginia.  The great news is that the convention is moving to a hotel closer to me.  Yaayyyy!!!   This following blurb is located on the convention’s website:

 RavenCon Moves to Williamsburg

Due to a variety of contractual issues and lack of good function space, we will be moving to Williamsburg in 2016. RavenCon will now be held at the Doubletree, right down the street from Busch Gardens.

Hope to see you to see you there.

Stay tuned for my next blog…I talk about my experience at World Horror Con 2015.

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