Write Now!!!

Published March 21, 2014 by ellarite

You have your plan, your mission and your vision.  So what’s next?!

Writing Your Story!!!

It’s time to document your fantastic story.  Grab your laptop and get to typing.  If you’re old school, grab your pen and pad and get to writing.

I recommend starting small.   You’re not going to pen a 500 page manuscript in one sitting.  If you can do that, please call me.  I could use some pointers.  However, if you’re anything like me, your story starts with an idea.

What’s your idea?  Do you daydream about giant mice attacking Louisiana?  Maybe you dream of catching stars in a giant butterfly net.   Write it down.  Transcribe those images from your mind into a story.  It doesn’t matter if your idea makes sense.  You can change your story later.  There’s even a term for that:  revision.

Write Now: Revise Later

That’s right.  Don’t worry about spelling, grammar or punctuation.  Don’t bog yourself down with “the perfect setting” or the name of a character.  Open your imagination and write.

I’ll share my first attempt at writing.  A year ago, I wrote this wonderful passage:

“During the month of July, temperatures in Alabama were notoriously brutal, but not nearly as bad as the smothering humidity that threatened to drown him with every breath.”

Now, I look at that sentence and see unnecessary adverbs, misplaced modifiers and overall wordiness.  Whew!  This is ugly.  On the bright side, I have something to work with.  During the writing process, I wanted to convey the miserable weather.   I’ll say it better during the edit and revision process.

Every Sentence Counts

Only you can write your story, so you may as well begin.  Start now.  Don’t wait.  The first step in any marathon gets you closer to the finish line.  Some people recommend writing 1,000 words a day while other folks recommend setting a timer and write until you hear a ding.  What worked for me was a simple sentence.  That’s right, I said it.  (Okay, I wrote it.)

I found that adding sentences gets me closer to the end of my book.  Today I may write 20 sentences, tomorrow I may write a hundred.  It doesn’t matter as long as I move forward.

The goal is to complete your story.  You can be the tortoise or the hare, the job is to finish the race.

Good Luck and Happy Writing,



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