I Chose, Created and Honor the Mission!!!

Published March 7, 2014 by ellarite

Today I focus on my mission.

What is my mission?

To entertain folks by writing the stories that brew within my imagination.

“But isn’t that the mission of EVERY WRITER?” You ask.

“It most certainly is,” I answer.  (Amazing, I don’t even know you.  But I digress…)

I realized that successful businesses utilize mission statements to explain the purpose of that business.

A mission statement, defined by Entrepreneur.com, focuses on key goals.

Mission statements

 explain what to do and how to do it in a neat paragraph.

  Quite frankly, if it’s good enough for McDonalds, then it’s good enough for me.  So I set out to create a personal mission statement.   The website, Entreprenuer.com, has a list of questions if you’d like to create your own mission statement.  The link is:  http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/65230#.

I used simplicity to create my mission statement.

I listed my key goals,

an output based upon the goals,

steps needed to complete the goals and

the uniqueness of my goals.

  1. What is my goal/concept:                                  Create, write and publish
  2. What is my key measure ( aka: output):         at least one believable story
  3. Steps needed for key measure:               common vernacular, relatable settings, unique characters
  4. What makes measure unique:                describes how mundane lives are interrupted

Next, I placed my answers in paragraph form and voila, my personal mission statement:

‘To create, write and publish at least one believable story by using common vernacular, relatable settings and unique characters, to describe how mundane lives are interrupted by unexpected, dangerous and/or chaotic circumstances.’

My mission statement directs every decision I make in regards to writing.

Seriously, minor questions such as ‘should I create a “writing room” or write at the kitchen table?’ were filtered through my mission statement.  My answer was based on the ability to increase productivity to my mission. Therefore, I created a writing nook in the living room.  It’s MY space which has all my writing gear:  computer, printer, binders, bins, paper, pencil, etc.  It works for me.

Do you have a defined mission?  What strategies do you use to ensure success?   I’d really love to know.

Until next time,



The last post explained my plan to become a successful writer.   I don’t kid myself.  Writing is a job.  It’s a fun job, but still a job.  All writers are independent contractors who run a small business.

Therefore, I based my 3-year plan (aka: my roadmap to success, aka: my business plan) loosely on information I received from the US Small Business Administration website:

(http://www.sba.gov/category/navigation-structure/starting-managing-business/starting-business/how-write-business-plan.  Retreived 01Mar2014)


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